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Protective Screen

Our Golf Ball Screen isn't a screen product as you think of it.


The mesh we use is a high-grade state of the art Textile  made up of 

Nanotechnology  Threads of Polyester with Layered UV protective Vinyl coating 

The threads are very tightly woven in a overlapping woven mesh to obtain the high level of strength that goes  beyond the strength of any other product on the market.

In addition to Durability, Visual capabilities will exceed your best expectations.

Engineered for ALL Weather Conditions, Climates & Environments.


Our Golf Ball Screen Advantages

  • Has the Highest Burst Strength of any similar weave or product

  • Has a load factor of more than 800 Lbs Per Sq Ft.

  • Has a 30% Block  of harmful UV's

  • Improved Visual Looking out

  • Works like Polarizing Sun Glasses

  • Cuts Glare & Enhances colors 

  • Never have a broken Window 

  • Never have t a person Hit by a ball

  • Offers Insect & Dirt barriers  

  • Continuous Hinges custom made for Our Golf Ball Window Screen 

  • Easy opening to clean windows

  •  High wind lock downs

  • Save Thousands on repairs and lower Insurance risks

  • Enjoy Living on that Golf Course

  • Extruded powder coated aluminum alloy frames standard or custom colors

100% SUCCESS - 10 Year Warranty

We know what we are doing because our Golf Ball protective screen has been installed on hundreds of Widows, Patios and Decks as well as pool enclosures for over 14 years. 

These applications have been installed in residential homes & community buildings, patios, decks and outdoor eating areas.

Plus Condominium developments throughout the USA.

They have been in use without a single window getting broken and without

anyone getting hit with a golf ball.


We have been protecting property and people from the US West Coast to the East Coast and almost every state in the country. 

Our Golf Ball protection has been approved by Homeowner Associations, Developers and Used by builders.  

The Golf Ball Screen can save you thousands in window replacements and of course makes your living on he golf course more enjoyable & Safer.

Our Golf Ball Screen is a high quality Textile with a polyester woven cord base and UV guarded vinyl top coating. 

The strength is 400 times stronger then fiberglass screen .

We can fit Large windows, Picture windows and even Bay windows.

The Golf Ball Textiles are only 1/2 the reason they protect you and your home. Our systems are like no others. we have engineered and tested every type of system. The end result is the 2019 Golf Ball barrier systems with high grade 6065 alloy aluminum framework powder coated that stands up to Mother Nature year after year.

We have Years of experience providing Golf Ball protection and solving more then one problem at the same time. The deck enclosures above was ordered after the owner got hit in the head with a golf Ball. Luckily it was only a glancing blow.

Now they never stay inside.

They get to really enjoy living on the Course and the beautiful view Day or Night,. The enclosures has become the favorite entertainment spot for guests.

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