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About Us

 Our Mission & Qualifications


ASE was founded, as a result of consumer demand and diligence.  Being in the glass and glazing industry for the past 35 years, many customers inquired about quality sunscreens shading and reducing solar heat gain as well as an aesthetically pleasing option for preventing golf balls from breaking windows.  

Also, making patios useable during daylight hours while living near or on a golf course without fearing for your safety.  Upon leaving the glass industry, I was helping someone with a remodel on a golf course, 3 broken windows later, they asked me if I knew of a quality product on market to solve this problem.  

The hunt began and I succeeded in finding a product in Florida manufactured by Global Prefab Screen Industries.  They were selling nationally, however, the Western US market was in need of a more regional source.  

Through a couple years of conversation and ultimately friendship, ASE was born.  

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