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Commercial & Industrial Applications

(beautification, protection, privacy, reduced maintenance costs, barriers, reduced insurances costs, and improved values)

ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES has provided screened projects to apartment and condominium developments to be used as Barriers from Snow, Ice, Hail, and flying debris getting into stairwells, staircases, and floor landings. This dramatically reduces the need for maintenance, or snow removal, while reducing possible injuries by residents. We found added side benefits like reducing high winds and keeping the open areas much cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They also add a level of safety due to the strength of the screen itself. Restaurants and outdoor community areas can have protection from insects, golf balls, harsh sun and decorative wind barriers with planters, trellises, gazebos, and arbors all incorporated into our systems.


Industrial or manufacturing department dividers that stop objects from being projected into other departments or areas while allowing airflow and light. Some of our customers ordered large screens for their overhead door openings to eliminate extreme bright and hot sunlight and offer privacy as they blocked viewing from outside in. Outdoor break areas can be created at very reasonable costs.


Parking Garages can greatly benefit by installing screen panels in openings eliminating dirt and debris from blowing in and reduce rain intrusions and high winds or snow from entering the garage. All of this reduces maintenance and results in better customer satisfaction. They still allow light, viewing from inside out, blocking hot sun making every parking spot desirable. The garage screens can be printed with logos, advertising, or just beautiful decorative scenes and patterns. Protecting the stairways and other open areas alone can be a huge asset.


Water Treatment & Large Water Chiller facilities can be protected from Insects, Birds, Rodents, Debris and reduce heat exchange by blocking up to 95% of the UV rays. Water stays cleaner and outside contaminants can almost be eliminated.

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