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Contractor Information and Request

CLICK HERE To Send us your information to be eligible for discount pricing

Contractors interested in having the opportunity to work with us and offer ASI products can get KD Kits or Prefab enclosures for Residential and Commercial projects. You are welcome to enroll with us. We have spent years researching, testing,  developing, and negotiating to offer contractors a reasonable way to expand their business. The significant advantage we offer is your ability to sell any enclosure immediately. We do all the hard work for you. We design Engineers (when needed) pre-cut or prefabricate and ship precisely what you need directions to the job site. You don't have to put any money upfront and have inventory sitting until you sell or use it. Of course, GPSI offers Contractors, Architects, builders, and engineers a Professional Discount on all materials and services. The discounts run from 12% to 25% depending on items and or services.

 Installing an average covered porch or deck with prescreened panels (average 6 panels and 1 door) takes 1/2 day.

If you are getting the KD  kit your time to assemble and install will take 1 Day.


Prefab Pool enclosures generally take 3 to 5 days with 2 people depending on size. The kit form will take 4 to 7 days to complete. Some pool or very large Deck /  Patio enclosures may only be able to be shipped as a Kit due to shipping rates and restrictions. 


You get exactly what you need for that job and exactly when you need it... as the job progresses.


When you need help with ideas or products we are there for you. When you need some preliminary design or picture overlays to help you get the job we are there for you. We constantly negotiate with all our suppliers to improve pricing and always pass any savings or reductions on to you. Why? because the more successful you are, makes us more successful too!


You will have the ability to expand your business into other levels or areas if you wish because our range of Products, Experience  & Capabilities is so wide. Now you can provide projects for a market you may not have been able to compete in previously.

  • We gladly provide samples for you and ones you can give to customers.

  • We will replenish your samples supply for the cost of the postage only, any time you need them.

  •  We will provide great ideas for new markets and potential customers in your area based on research we will do for you at No Charge. In most cases, we will have pictures and Drawings of finished projects we have done that you can share with your customer.

  • Lastly, ASE will post your company or personal name and contact information on our website contractors listing Free of Charge. We have an ongoing internet marketing campaign driving potential customers to our site. Intern, they can look up your information and contact you need to go thru us.


Most often our contractors pick up additional work needed before the screen enclosures can be installed. Once the customer knows you and has gotten a favorable working experience with you and our enclosures they will refer you and call you again when they need other projects done. That is why we make sure we do our part correctly so your customers are More than Satisified. 60% of our annual business is either repeat or referral...That is what we like!


When we receive an inquiry from a customer wanting a contractor in your area we will refer them to you after we have gathered some base information to provide to you.


 We do not charge Sales Tax as we are manufactures and we pay taxes on the materials when we purchase them.


We do charge additionally for Secure Packing and Shipping. (most shipped common Carriers)

 In most cases, the shipments require pallets and or creating to assure they get to the job undamaged.

We charge only our costs and due to our shipping volume, we get great discounts of up to 70% that we pass on to you.


If interested in working with ASE please send us. We are interested in knowing your details and your experience. We would also like to know the area you would like to do business. Please provide the information on our form. CLICK HERE To Send us your information


THANK YOU - We look forward to completing many successful projects with you on our Team

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