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Covered Patios Can Get Golf Screens

Covered patios come in all sizes and at ground level or raised. We have protected all types and sizes for 14 years with our Golf Ball Screen protecting the residents from Golf Balls at Day and Insect at Night.

We can fit inside existing Railings or, if needed, Build railings (various designs available) into the prefabricated Prescreened Panels.

We can fabricate and ship Panels with or WITHOUT dividers up to 17 ft Long. Doors are made to order to make sure every part of your Golf Ball protection fits exactly without muss or fuss.

We build to within 1/16 inch of the measurements given.

Contact us to go to the next step. We make the ordering process easy and the installation even more accessible.


Simple Steps to placing Getting Golf Ball Protection

  • Send us Approximate Measurements of the openings.

  • Please send us Pictures of the openings & Ship them to address

  • We provide estimates for Golf Screens & shipping and Our measurement forms

  • You place an order; we send CAD drawings of panels and doors 

  • You confirm CAD measurements, and we fabricate

  • We ship Direct to your Project

  • Install completed in hours, NOT DAYS        

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