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Global Prefab Screen Industries (GPSI) has spent several years testing specialty materials, textiles, support methods for applications and uses to protect costly equipment from exterior elements.


 We have employed engineers to provide calculations and input to what makes the finished product work as requested by our customers.


 One of the biggest and most costly single items is Air Handling systems. They are not just expensive to purchase but ongoing maintenance is required to keep it running while not improving efficiency.


 There are certain key elements to maintenance issues on a normal basis. First is the harsh and HOT Sun, then the Dirt and Trash that gets blown in or sucked into the units on a daily basis. Lastly is extreme weather events.


 We can provide a custom-sized, color and configuration system that protects against 90% of these adverse events. While doing that it just happens to lower maintenance cost by 45% to 85%  and extend the life of the units by 45%. Along with all these side benefits comes a HUGE REDUCTION in energy operating costs...why? Simple. When you solve the other issues it naturally reduces the need for higher energy to provide the same or better working results of your systems.


 Their many other equipment applications that also need our protective systems ...just tell us what you need and let's see if we can provide the solutions?

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