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  • Where is the ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES products Made?
    EASY Answer .. All in the USA!
  • I live in a area that gets Snow, Can I Have a screen enclosure?"
    YES, Super Screen has over a 850# PSF load factor and combined with Third Party Engineering calculations(when required) enclosures can be constructed for snow loads over 45 # PSF. ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES also offers Aluminum insulated composite roofing, and related outside engineering when necessary.
  • How much of my view will be spoiled by the screen?
    NONE, there is only a slight color or brightness change with Super Screen while offering a 30% UV block. Actually the colors are brighter because of the polarizing effect of Super Screen. We do offer Solar block from 80% to 95% and Privacy screen. You can see out of all of them with some diminished viewing. The lighter colors offer more privacy but also diminishes the view slightly from inside.
  • Can I attach the Screen Enclosure to my House?
    Yes, ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES can design an enclosure to attach to a structure with support beam or structural gutter.
  • Can I get a Screen Roof or Solid Roof on the screen enclosure?
    We normally design the enclosure with a screen roof. We also offer options such as solid roof foam cored and Woven waterproof fabric.
  • Could I staple the Screen to my wood frame around my porch?
    We do not recommend that method because it is difficult to keep Super Screen tight and wrinkle free with only staples and wood molding. The wood will weather, crack, split, and need finishing very often. Every time you remove the trim you will have to re-staple the screen. The screen may tend to rip after repeated stapling. We offer extruded powder coated aluminum framing made just for this application. The GPSI Extruded Aluminum framing is made for our textiles, screens and other products They all will hold it tightly in place, with our special Spline, for many years to come without allowing the screen to come loose.
  • Will I save money if I buy the materials and cut everything myself?
    NOT Usually, because you would have to purchase the materials that come from the suppliers and all come in 20’ to 40’ lengths. On the larger projects you need to have the engineering and designing capability to meet the stress loads and make all the important connections necessary. The cost of the potential waist of materials and the required time to learn all aspects would outweigh any benefits or costs savings. What if you make a wrong can't go next door to get another piece and NO filler will work. However we have had very handy homeowner purchase all the necessary materials form ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES and succesfully complete their projects. ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES can cut to 10' lengths and ship or can cut to exact lengths provided by customers. There could be some savings as we would provide only the exact materials needed (plus 5%) so there is little waste and no left over expensive materials to store. ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES will help customers determine the materials need for the intended project in mind.
  • If I can design the enclosure myself, will the cost be less?"
    NO, because you would need specialized experience and or sophisticated aluminum engineering. You would also need an in depth knowledge of the various extrusions (over 50 extrusion types, sizes and alloys) then know the appropriate fasteners and connection procedures. But your designs will save some of the cost because ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES always wants the customers input in the final designs.
  • Can I have a Screen Enclosure on a wood deck?
    Yes, provided the deck meets building codes. We design the enclosure with the proper anchors for the deck surface. We do recommend you make sure the deck is solid and not rotten or weak.
  • Can I get a Screen Enclosure around an above Ground pool?
    YES, although it is a little more difficult to design a screen enclosure for an above ground pool because most are round. The decking is often round or cut very close to the edge of the pool. The enclosure will need to be square or rectangular in final shape. Generally the stairs and pool entrance deck are several feet off the ground so the screen enclosure wall need to be higher so the screen roof clears a minimum of 7' above the pool deck.
  • Do I have to have a contractor to install my enclosure?
    NO, But if you are not a very handy DIY person it is best to hire a local finish carpenter or contractor. ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES can guide him through the entire process and make sure you get the finished job you want. If you are screening a Covered porch or Patio and using the ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES Pre Assembled system, the majority of homeowners will have no problem installing them in a few hours. ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES has many contractors nationally that have experience with our enclosures and more than capable of installing the enclosure or any additional related work necessary. Please see our growing list of Contractors.
  • How important is the screen and how long will the Screen stand up to the elements?
    GPS uses Super Screen ONLY! Why? Because after many years in the industry we determined that Super Screen is far superior to standard screen. The Super Screen will hold over 850 lbs. per ft., It is golf ball proof, tear resistant, looses less than 2% of UV resistance in 10 years, has 30% UV Sun Block, allows helpful plant UV’s to come through, pet safe, carry snow loads, improves structural capabilities of the aluminum framing, and has a 10 year mfg Warranty. For all that benefit you will only pay about 25% more than standard screen, which carries only a 1 year warranty.
  • Are there various shades of Screen Color?
    YES, we offer 80% & 90% & 95% sun block Shade Screen that comes in 12 different colors. We have privacy and wind screen that comes in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. These screens are woven Poly products and are generally heaver then Super Screen Most come in narrower widths then the Super Screen.
  • Can I let my pets out on the porch or patio?
    Yes, Super Screen is animal tear proof and will keep your pets safe & happy to be allowed out. Can I get the aluminum framing in colors other the White or Bronze? Yes, ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES offers their customers the ability to truly customize their enclosure with their own color. The standard colors are Bronze and White, but ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES can have the aluminum Professionally Powder Coated to match ANY COLOR DESIRED. The cost of Powder Coating the entire framework and all the hardware would add about 20% to the total job cost.
  • How High or Wide can I have a Screen Enclosure?
    ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES has been involved with screen enclosures over 30 ft tall and spanning out from the house 65 ft. These type of enclosures require special Site Specific Engineering and very detailed measurements, lengthy Cad design interface, special fabrication and specialized shipping. We will do whatever it takes to get you the enclosure you desire.
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