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Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC Offers Customers

Specializes in providing a broad range of Screened and Aluminum products Nationally and Internationally

Our average customer is more than 1,000 miles away from our facility.

We have to ensure the project is done right and that it lasts year after year without maintenance.

We use the latest technologies with state-of-the-art methods while purchasing very high-quality materials.

(Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC materials are NOT AVAILABLE  on the retail market)


Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC will design and fabricate custom screening systems to fit your needs, any size, and shape


Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC uses only the latest superior strength Woven Screen Textiles 

NOT the  typical Fiberglass Screens


Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC provides barriers from Insects, High Winds, Flying debris and harsh Sun Rays.


We are constantly looking to improve! We want our customers to be confident that they are

getting the finest finished products anywhere in the World.


Our systems can be Aluminum framed, Frame-less with welded textile borders, Grommets,

Snap-N-Locks, Cables, and much more. We make the experience and hundreds of suppliers to

fit the project criteria and our customer's needs. Nothing is Cookie Cutter


Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC has provided projects in 49 US States and 5 countries.

We have spent years providing user-friendly custom enclosures systems for

DIY and Contractors while offering ideas to Architects.


We use Alloy  Extrusions that are commercial and even military-grade combined with Methods

has allowed Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC to provide Out of the Box results.

All this has made Assurance Screening and Enclosure, LLC  the Number 1 International Screen company. 

We manufacture everything in the United States with USA made materials & suppliers 

We provide what our customers Dream Up......Anywhere in the WORLD!   

SEE Added customer benefits click HERE

Coming Soon *** EASY-UP-POOL ENCLOSURES**ANY SIZE**  Ask us about them

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