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Whats a good size or design to screen enclose?

ANY SIZE & ANY SHAPE you desire to make a worry-free outdoor useable area, Day or Night 

One story, Two Story, Small Porch or Large Deck 

GPSI Custom makes the screen barrier protective system to fit exactly to your size and shape

Make your outdoors Indoors with our Global Super Screeing. Our screen is engineered for Every Climate and Every Size with Every Use in mind. 

Add valuable space to your home at a fraction of normal construction costs.

Best of all you don't feel closed in and you do not loose any visual abilities with our screen and textile products 


How important is it to have a barrier screen system on your Patio, Deck Porch,
or Pool area?


ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES think it is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, children, pets, family and friends.
The ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES screen systems will prevent bites from Mosquitos, Flys and Stings from Bees and Wasps.

Mosquitos are known to carry a huge variety of Viruses causing sickness, disease, and in some casees can be fatal.


  • Basic 30% Solar Block in screen

  • Extruded Aluminum Frames

  • Cat & Dog Proof

  • Golf Ball proof

  • No Maitenance

  • Washable with hose or pressure washer

  • 10 Year warranty

  • Cooler in Summer

  • Warmer in winter

  • No leaves or dirt blown in

  • Reduced High winds

  • Extreme Winds rated


  • Solar Screens 80%,90% & 95%

  • more than 20 colors to choose from

  • Large Openings with internal supports

  • Materials or Prefab

  • Custom Screen Doors

  • Privacy Screens

  • Screen or Composite all season roofing

  • Add $ value to your home

  • Add resale ability to your home

  • Add play area for children & pets

  • Add night time entertaining area

  • House plants will love the screen 


Do You See Yourself in any of these screened enclosures?


Do You want to be Bug-Free and enjoy the outdoors?


Do you have a area not being used as much as you would like?


Do you want a GPSI Screen protective Barrier system?

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