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ASSURANCE SCREENING AND ENCLOSURES is the ONLY company in the World providing Homeowners, Architects, Contractors, Builders, and Industrial use customers with totally custom prefabricated screened panels. They are predrilled and all installation hardware included. On average, it takes only 20 minutes to install each panel.

Our Panels are HUGE in comparison to what is standard. We can provide single panels up to 12' wide and 80"high without dividers. We can divide the discussions on the horizontal for larger-sized single openings, creating sleek profiles that don't obstruct the view. If you want to be outdoors Day or Night and at any time of year, the GPSI Pre-screened panels offer that opportunity. We love the outdoors and never want to feel like we are in a cage or have to peek around posts, railings, or any man-made obstructions.

 Our panels are engineered and designed to fit your exact openings regardless of the age or size or how square they may be. We build to within 1/16"  and allow up to 3/16" they

Fit Like A Glove! Our panels are approved for High Wind, Snow, Golf Balls, Cat & Dog, and Children. In Florida, our screen panels are Pool Barrier approved without railings. 


Some applications require railings to meet codes for Child Protection. We offer the picket railings already built into the screen panels for those cases.


Already have railings and need to work around them?

We have a Narrow  Frame profile that is designed for that application and takes only 1" of width and 1/2" deep. Just as strong as our standard 1" x 2" frame profiles.


Have a problem with the Hot Sun and Bright Glare? Or possibly Privacy?


Have a problem with the Hot Sun and Bright Glare? Or possibly Privacy?


We offer 80% up to 95% UV block in pre-screened panels. The panel can be from average window size to our HUGE patio, deck, or pool enclosure panels. No more heat and destroying UV rays spoiling your view or making you feel trapped. Our 80% to 95% allows visual capabilities from inside looking out. ALL the lighter colors (10 to choose from) greatly diminish the visual from the outside looking in.


With our Pre- Screened systems you can add year-round space to your home at a fraction of normal construction costs.

Other applications of our products have INCLUDED;

Feral Cat Shelters, Cat playrooms, Dog Runs, Horse Barns, Overhead door Insect and Sun barriers (residential, commercial & industrial, Industrial interior area Dividers, Air Handler protection, Water Chiller sanitation barriers, Erosion barriers, Restaurants and Retail shops, and even Commercial Fish farms. BUT NOT LIMITED TO WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED...WE WANT YOUR IDEAS?


All panels and enclosures are custom-made to fit the customers needs and budgets.

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