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Over the years, we have found that the most used part of the enclosure is the DOOR. Most screen doors fall apart or become out of shape after a year or two. They never close correctly and don't have a good locking system. The hinges become loose and the bottom bug sweep gets brittle and breaks. That is why 98% of our customers go with our made-to-order Super Screen Doors. They cost a little more upfront but last maintenance-free for years and years.

Standard Screen Doors
(the shelf Doors)


Standard Screen Doors are 36" x 84" and 40" x 84". They come Complete with the Door Framing (Z-Bar for existing door jambs & Adjustable for New door frames), Push Bar, Kick Plate, Self closure, Rubber bottom bug sweep, and handle. Hinges are standard single hinges with 2 or 3 per door, depending on door size. The doors frames and all components are powder coated white or bronze color. Although they are off the shelf, they are of higher quality than most found in retail stores nationally.

The doors may swing in or out and hinge Right or Left.

Price Range: $195 - $300 complete package (plus shipping)

Custom Screen Doors
(No, they don't need Push bars and Kick plates)


The GPSi custom screen doors can be any size, single doors, double (French ) doors, sliding doors, or overhead rail sliding doors. Our doors do not require Push bars, Kick plates, or added separators to keep them rigid and strong without racking, twisting, bending, or coming apart. We find that many doors need to be outside framed only, not obscuring the views and almost disappearing when installed with our Mega View screen panels. All the components are upgraded to commercial-grade, and the hinges are the piano style with a bottom brush bug sweep. The door frames are thicker 1/4" alloy aluminum powder coated any color you wish. The doors can be up to108" x 44" and include a Dead Bolt type door handle and locking system. Decorator door handles in Brass, and other colors/finishes are also available. Everything about these doors is special and are made to your order.

Price Range: $ 425 - $625 Complete Package (plus shipping)

Welded - Retro Styled Screen Doors


The Retro doors are a unique collection of doors made to look like the hand-crafted screen doors from the 1900s. Our GPSI Retros are Welded Alloy Aluminum created by fine craftsmen and will bring that style and look no modern doors can achieve. This collection is a grouping of the most popular,  traditional, and most elaborate screen doors of their era.

No one will ever know they are not the real thing with our custom finishes and grains. The major difference is the stability, strength, and maintenance-free door that will last year after year.

Price Range: $795 - $1,295 (plus Shipping

Colors & Wood Grains


For those decorator desired colors and finishes we offer ANY COLOR & ANY WOOD GRAIN you or your decorator/architect might suggest.

 All our finishes are warranted for five or more years.

Special Coatings add $100 to $395 per door (depends on the Type of coatings)

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