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Storm Protection & Weather Barriers

Global prefab Screen Industries has worked with several companies to provide barriers from the Sun, High Winds, Blowing Trash, Ice, Snow, and Hail. Every application is different in size, shape, and requirements.
Most often, our Barriers become decorative enhancing additions to the facilities. We can design them with colors, printed scenes, logos, or important messages. They become much more than just a weather barrier.
We have found that Apartment, Condominium, and Parking Garages with large openings and a lot of pedestrian traffic find our barrier system improve user conditions while greatly decreasing maintenance time and costs.
Usually along with the adverse weather comes blowing debris and trash, Snow, Ice, Hail, Rain, and High Winds...whatever the conditions our systems are designed to handle and keep out over 80% of the adverse elements.
Contact Us to discuss your needs and applications. We Can do It!

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